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Three steps to building a successful practise

One of the most exciting parts of running your own business is marketing. The main reason Physical Therapists go into the private practice is because they want to make people feel better, not promote a business. But, as it turns out, the majority of time spent every day by Physical Therapists is on the daily activities of running a business. And the most important aspect of this is marketing!

Below are three important Internet marketing practices that Physio123 recommends their clients follow. Marketing to preexisting customers, or internal marketing, is one of the most cost effective and efficient ways of making more profit. As long as you follow the recommendations below, marketing your business will not be difficult and you will find quit a bit of success!
  1. Understand that you are a sales person
  2. An important part of increasing your referrals - answering the phone
  3. Look after your patients and they will look after you

1. Understand that you are a sales person

To be a successful businessman, you have to be a salesperson. The same thing applies for Physical Therapists who are running their own business.

Every day you are selling something. You have to sell services to your patients. You have to convince your workers to put in 100% effort. You are selling things all the time, you just don't know it. As soon as you understand it, you will be able to increase your profits by using sales techniques!

2. An important part of increasing your referrals - answering the phone

The first person to whom a potential patient speaks is usually the front office person, receptionist or, in smaller practices, the practitioner. This person sets the tone of the patients experience. He/she is the person who answers the phone, gives them information about the practice, and arranges their appointments, in many cases, deals with their anxiety about the pain they are in.

If you answer the phone like a pro, your business will expand!

3. Look after your patients and they will look after you

When someone first calls your practice, the first person they talk to sets the tone of the first impression. If they are grumpy, unfriendly and not helpful, you have just lost a potential client. You have to have someone who knows what they are doing answer your phones. You need someone who is helpful, nice, pleasant to talk to, and can take care of everyday tasks like arranging appointments and giving out general information.

One of the greatest ways to increase business is by keeping patients from leaving. You already worked hard to acquire this new client, so you should be trying as hard as you can to make sure they don't leave. As long as you treat your existing clients well, they will continue to bring you business!

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