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Branding your practise

To be successful in the Physical Therapy business, you want to be the first place a potential client thinks of when they need your services. By developing your brand, you keep you name fresh in the minds of your patients. Also, it will help demonstrate to potential clients what they would get if they came to your business, and it keeps current customer coming back.

Brands are not just for big companies - small companies utilize them too! Branding is especially helpful when trying to make your business stand out from the crowd.

To successfully develop your brand, you need to know what your clients want and how you can most effectively deliver their requirements. You need to make sure every contact you make with them is consistent and has your customized letterhead, colors, and anything else that will keep your business in their mind.

First steps for creating a brand

To build a successful brand, you have to promote what you are good at. Objectively determine what your best characteristics are...
  • Do you have any special skills?
  • Is your customer service team the best in the business?
  • Do you offer the best prices?
It is important that you always deliver your brand values, otherwise known as strengths.

What patients want

It is important that you match your client's expectations to your brand values. Why did your clients decide to join you? Why didn't they go with someone else? What do they like best about you?

Conduct a small survey among patients that have been with you for a long time. Ask them why they keep coming back. Ask new patients where they found you and why they decided to choose you. Get all the information possible to help you develop your brand.

Ask existing patients what they like about being treated by you. Asking potential patients what they look for when deciding of choosing a therapist can also give you useful information to help develop your business - and your brand.

If your brand values are in line with what existing and potential customers look for when they're buying, you've got the beginnings of a useful brand and you're ready to start building it.

But if they're not, you'll probably need to reconsider either the benefits you offer to your present customers or whether you're targeting the right people.

Building your brand

After your patient's requirements and brand values are defined, you just have to build your brand. You do this by repeated communication using your brand values. Every time you talk to someone about your business, you have an opportunity to promote and build your brand. Don't forget to consider:

Key areas to consider are:
  • The name of your business
  • What products or services you offer
  • Your slogan
  • What your logo looks like
  • What your stationary looks like
  • How your product packaging is designed
  • Your location
  • Your advertising
  • Your employees dress code
  • Your employees behavior
  • What your website looks like
If every one of these factors lines up with your brand values, you are well on your way to building a strong brand. Some of them may not be in line, but that's ok - just modify them so they fit in. If you don't keep your commitments, your clients will find someone else to use.

Ten tips on branding

To build a successful brand you should:
  • Deliver what your patients want. It doesn't matter how hard you try, if you don't deliver your patients requirements, you will fail.
  • Control your brand - you own it, make it do what you want!
  • Believe in your brand - if you don't believe it, will anyone else?
  • Keep it simple - simplicity is always essential
  • Consistency - keep every part of your brand consistent
  • Be through - make sure all your brand components are working together
  • Use employees - explain to them what you expect of the in regards to branding
  • Communication - your brand is worth nothing if you don't communicate it to customers
  • Under promise, over deliver - exceed client expectations
  • Management - always be looking for opportunities to improve your brand. Make changes when necessary!

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